Who we are

Since 2009, InnovaItalia operates on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republics of the former Soviet Union successfully implementing 3Cad solutions for factories and points of sale in the furniture sector.

InnovaItalia has two offices, one in Italy and one in Moscow; in the latter work our Russian-speaking technical consultants, who have decades of experience on 3Cad and in the furniture sector in particular. InnovaItalia has an exclusive multi-year agreement for the distribution of 3Cad software in the geographical area of reference, thanks to which it manages new product developments in an integrated way with the software producer company.

This knowledge allows us to design and implement the most suitable solutions to meet the different needs of our customers. We analyze together with the Customer its requirements and we can quickly prepare a technical / economic work plan that details the features that will be implemented, the releases in which the project will be divided and the incremental costs that he/she will have to sustain.

In this way the Customer will have a clear view of the benefits and costs (including the training activities of internal resources).

Our Clients