Integration with management systems

InnovaItalia has developed a software module for the integration between 3Cad and ERP management systems (1C, Microsoft Navision in particular) with the aim of optimising the data exchange of ordered products necessary for production and management control.

The software module integrates the two systems in two alternative ways:

    • by using the database of the management system, or

    • through the implementation of a suitable data exchange process between the coding of the management system and that of 3Cad.

Both modes ensure the management of a single company database.

The ultimate goal remains the smooth transfer of information from the configurator to the ERP system.

By managing all product information (such as codes, variants, dimensions, advanced bill of materials and prices) in the 3Cad configurator, you avoid inefficiencies in the continuous updating of both technical and commercial information, which greatly facilitates production planning and scheduling.

Below are two screenshots showing two moments of the integration between 3Cad and 1C: